Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Suffering Formulary

_mg_2087The Bible we subscribe to and the God we serve daily consistently informs us of, through His reverberating Word, the theme and reality of suffering. It is not long into the narrative of Holy writ that the subject and pain of suffering crashes onto the scene of creation. From that point forward, Genesis through Revelation, suffering is inescapable. The Christian cannot evade the reality of suffering, for it is through grappling with pain that we are sharpened, refined, and tested for next-level living and occurrences. Read the rest of this entry

Elections & the Biblical Text

_MG_2111It was the Late historian and theologian, Dr. Kenneth E. Bailey who challenged the Christian community and his students in a lecture saying, “In any age does our traditional understanding of the text, control the text itself.  Surely scripture must always be free to correct our understanding of it.” He went on to say, “Will we follow scripture, or are we satisfied with our traditional reading of it?” Christianity is a life of praxis and not one of theory. The word of God is the paideia or instruction in righteousness designed to save the living soul. How easy it is to glean Scripture through a distant lens, separated from real-time life. The relevance of the Bible is not actualized until it is holistically applied within the life of the believer — in the midst of crisis, dilemma, fear, and/or doubt. Read the rest of this entry